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April 2014 Updates!

Hello readers and listeners. I hope you are having a fabulous Spring!
Wow… What a busy couple of months! I’ve been working so hard on the Sweet Dream Series and so I have a lot of news! First, the freshly squeezed stuff to read, then… an update on all those projects you are looking forward to.



  • √ Coming soon… Anime Girl 2: Abby and Chase are back with this exciting surprise follow-up to Anime Girl. Find out what happens when Abby meets Chase in San Francisco for a con where he is obligated to take care of the sexiest cyborg on the planet – Miss Tosh James. Just waiting on the cover – hoping to publish in May.
  • √ Coming soon… Rich & Roulo: Volume 2, RUINS: Contains a poem from me, “Goddess” and a short story “The Mummy”. We’re almost ready for print, should be out in May.
  • √ Coming soon… True Love? Sweet Dreams #3 is on the editors desk, hoping to publish in May.


  • SD#1 Sweet Dreams – available now.
  • SD#2 Star Struck – available now.
  • SD#3 True Love?  – 2nd review with the editor. Hoping to publish in May.
  • SD#4 Undecided  – podcasting now…to subscribe, go to for updates.
  • SD#5: One More Try – The first readers have reported back and I am doing some rewrites of the main battle scene.
  • SD#6 – 2 B with U
  • SD#7 – Anything 4 U
  • SD#8 – Life or Death
  • Anime Girl 1 – available now.
  • Anime Girl 2 – coming soon.


  • NK#1 Night’s Knights – available now.
  • NK#2  Dusk’s Warriors Working on the first read through now, then on to inputting edits and getting this puppy out to an editor.
  • NK#3 Day’s Children

  • NK#4 Dawn’s Drog


  • Northanger Abbey rewrite – This will be the next full-length novel to release. It’s coming along!
  • Phantom rewrite – I just decided a year or so ago to do this… the ideas are still churning. After watching Love Never Dies, it rekindled my interest in Phantom’s tale.


  • Undecided – podcasting now… to subscribe, go to for updates.
  • Artistic License – collecting voices and recording now.

SHOPPING (love this term. makes it seem fun!)

  • √ “Haunted Item” short story is awesome — submitted to 3rd new market, waiting.
  •  Gorey flash fiction piece. COMPLETE! Stayed to 500 words only. I remembered where I am going to submit, but have not sent it yet. There is something it needs. Tweaking, then I will resubmit.  SOLD!
  • √ Nonfiction piece about my autistic son. Submitted, pending.
  • √  Wrote a 100 word story for’s I should do something with this. Yep. I still need to do something with this.

Thank you all for your emails and kind, encouraging words. Check out the word counts on the left, because I’ve been working!!!
Happy reading and listening!


Something That Makes Me Smile

All writers have those down weeks…

  • You haven’t received any fan mail in awhile.
  • Your current project isn’t going as you wished.
  • A couple of rejection letters popped into your email box.
  • You get a hater review on Amazon or iTunes.

This is not one of those weeks because I’ve had some really good things happen recently…

  • Two short stories have been published.
    *Holy Rites, is now available in thePodioracket publication, Glimpses
    *Wide Awake, is now available in the Flying Island Press publication, Pieces of Eight, Autism Acceptance.
  • I’ve made some real progress on four major projects I’m working on right now.
  • I’ve received a lot of recent listener/reader mail lately – which I absolutely love. How cool to have people talk about my characters and obsess about them the way I do! It’s absolutely the radest thing ever.
  • I’m on the home stretch of my 4th musical romance book, Undecided.
  • Night’s Knights has stayed up at #1 in the SciFi FREE Kindle list for a week, #2 in Horror/Ghosts, and hit #46 in the overall Kindle list. (I was happy to just hit under the 100 mark.)

And speaking of Night’s Knights, here is something that makes me smile. Never in a million years did I think people would be reading my books across the world, let alone be able to buy them in many different countries. Check out this graphic with my book displayed in several different countries on the various Amazon sites.


Thank you all for your continued support!
Now, back to writing.


Dusk’s Warriors– An Update

So you know how I was sure I’d finish Night’s Knights II the beginning of 2010 and have it podcast by summer? Not happening. I was all done… had it sewn all up and then I realized… It was too clean. Too pretty. Too nice and tidy. Forget that! There needs to be a mess and by mess I mean… knock out, drag out, mess everyone up, kick everyone’s butt… scar charries for life kinda fight. Jespa started it. Did you expect anything less?

Tonight’s all about DW. Editing, rewriting, and getting some of these messy chapters sewn up just a little. Not all the way… but so you can see a little stitching and a lot of puss-filled goodness. 🙂

News – Coming in April!

  • April 4th 9:30am PST- I’ll be taping Horror Addicts #39 @ Quills on Second Life.
  • April 11th – I’m going to be at Bookstacks on Second Life – talking about horror something.
  • April 14th 7pm PST – I’ll be at West Of Ireland on Second Life talking about Night’s Knights.
  • April 18th 9:30am PST- I’ll be taping Horror Addicts #40 @ Quills on Second Life.
  • April 25th – I’ll be at the Milkwood stone circle playing the first episode of Sweet Dreams and answering questions about romance, music, jazz, and anything else people want to ask. (If anyone reading this has questions… please post them or send me an email.)
  • Date Unknown – Podthology will be released – I’m in it!! 🙂 This is a new book by Dragon Moon Press.
  • Date Unknown – I know that there will be several Blog Talk Radio shows coming up and podcast interviews about the Podthology release. I hope to get you dates soon. As well as the date for the actual book!
  • Air Date Unknown – Soon to be interviewed by Dan Shaurette from Out of the Coffin podcast. I know a lot of you are fans of his, so whooo hooo!  Hope you enjoy the collaboration. Air date TBA.