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SD#4: Undecided

Loving how Undecided is coming out. Two new heart-throbs for the gals to swoon over.

Ian, the bad boy drummer and James, the high school quarterback.

We get to see more of day to day school life of Victoria and Cynthia. I’m using a lot of digital tech in this book. Emails, txts, IM’s. I really love that when I watch a movie or read a book with that sort of thing… it’s a part of our daily lives, so why not utilize it, right?

For you Raul lovers, you get more of him too. I have someone coming up in One More Try that will bleed into Undecided to give her a little background. She’s not a good girl.

Still pecking away at it!

Back to Sweet Dreams with Undecided

I plunged back into the world of Sweet Dreams again after a few months concentrating on AL.

The 4th book that cropped up between True Love and One More Try is titled Undecided.

It follows Victoria and Cynthia, back at school after Steve’s attack.

Victoria must heal, deal with school gossip about how she got the wound, and suffer the time away from Rob as best she can.

Cynthia must battle her emotions about Derek and what she told him to do – get over Laura – while also dealing with her mother’s voltaic personality.

Will our two gals make it to graduation without getting in any more scrapes? No one knows.

Cynthia does a lot of soul searching in this book. We also get to see a bigger part of Raul’s life.

30% of the way doesn’t sound like much, but… it’s coming! I’ve written over 8,000 words this weekend! If only there were a few more holidays to get this puppy finished. 🙂

Stay tuned here for more word counts and all the news on what I’m working on.

SD4- Undecided