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Video Update August 21, 2015

My first ever video to you all. An update on how things are going. I thank you so much for your support!

Love you all!

What the heck has Emz been doing? Update Dec 2013

Oh man… you guys, I didn’t even know it had been since July that I made an update post. Bad, bad author.


Sorry to all of you who wanted to meet at the 100 Authors Event and ConVolution. I had to cancel these events because of family life. Hope to do more events in 2014. I’ve been going through a big life change, but it is for the better. It gives me more time to write and so I dug into my projects with a gusto and totally forgot about blogging. The up side? I have lots of lit news! Let’s get on with it!


  •    halloweenOne Hellacious Halloween – COMPLETE! Book by Horror Novel Reviews Featuring my story “SoulTaker 2.0”.
  • √  Anime Girl – COMPLETE! A new novelette written in the world of Sweet Dreams. So excited about this one. It’s available now on Kindle and the cover art is by a long-time reader of mine, Alyssa Loveless. Abby Tanaka is the creator of the fastest selling manga series on the market, Shuttle 5. Chase Everett, a talent manager with Malloy Inc., promises to take away Abby’s stress. Find out what happens when they finally meet.
  • √  Horrific History – COMPLETE! Book by Hazardous Press Featuring my story “Prettiest Thhorrifichistorygrings”.


  • Undecided – podcasting now… to subscribe, go to for updates.
  • Star Struck – For those of you more interested in the print versions of these books, never fear! I am finished the final edits for Star Struck and it’s on the editor’s desk! Looks like this one will be in 2014. After Star Struck, will of course be True Love!
  • SD#5: One More Try – Just finishing up the edit inputs for this puppy! Hoping to send out to my first readers very soon. Can’t wait to podcast this one. Cyn will have a spotlight like in Undecided, but so will Victoria as her 1st solo gig approaches.

Night’s Knights SERIES

  • √  Dusk’s Warriors podnovel is COMPLETE – my next move on this is to input all of Dusk’s Warriors edits and get a really good first draft… then move on there through the edit and print process.
  • Day’s Children – is the next to write, but I’ve only got a handful of notes.
  • Dawn’s Drog – will be the fourth (I won’t say final – but it’s the final in my 4-part plan) novel in the series. I have even less notes on this one.


  • Northanger Abbey rewrite – This will be the next full-length novel to release. I am looking forward to getting this one all together since I’ve been taking notes on it for years.
  • Phantom rewrite – I just decided a year or so ago to do this… the ideas are still churning. After watching Love Never Dies, it rekindled my interest in Phantom’s tale.


  • Undecided – podcasting now… to subscribe, go to for updates.
  • Artistic License – collecting voices and recording now.


  • √ Monkey phobia short story, “The Monkey Queen” SOLD to Hidden Thoughts Press! Publication news to follow.
  • √ Rich & Roulo: Volume 2: We’re working on this now. 


  • √ Season 8 is COMPLETE – gearing up for Season 9 in 2014!
  • √  Horrible Disasters – COMPLETE! Featuring my 1906 San Francisco Earthquake story, “Hammersmith House”. All profit goes to help disaster relief.
  • √  Rich & Roulo: Volume 1, DESIRE – COMPLETE! Kindle eBook short story collection with me and H. E. Roulo. This is a new series we’ve kept top secret till now. We will be rolling more of these out. I’m excited about this project. Hope you are too.
  • √  Artistic License – COMPLETE! Podnovel version coming soon!

SHOPPING (love this term. makes it seem fun!)

  • √ “Haunted Item” short story is awesome — submitted to 3rd new market, waiting.
  • √ Gorey flash fiction piece. COMPLETE! Stayed to 500 words only. I remembered where I am going to submit, but have not sent it yet. There is something it needs. Tweaking, then I will resubmit.
  • 999 word story about Halloween/Soul Taking. Submitted to a flash contest, pending. SOLD! See above.
  • √ Nonfiction piece about my autistic son. Submitted, pending.
  • √  Wrote a 100 word story for’s I should do something with this. Yep. I still need to do something with this.

Thank you all for your emails and kind, encouraging words. Check out the word counts on the left, because I’ve been working!!!
Happy reading and listening!


Some Updates

Just some updates for you all.

  • Sweet Dreams #4 is coming a long nicely…
  • My newest short story, Wide Awake, is now available in the Flying Island Press publication, Pieces of Eight, Autism Acceptance. Get your copy today at Flying Island Press!
  • I went to the Sonoma Book Festival recently and boy was that an interesting time!  You can read all about it here: Sonoma Book Festival Recap 2011
  • I have something really exciting in the works for the Sweet Dreams fans this winter. It’s sort of an interactive, play along at home kinda thing and I’m super thrilled to roll it out to you all. Keep your eyes open for it in December.
  • I have two new shorts I’m writing. One is an essay about my fear of monkeys and the other is a vampire story about someone in history. They will both be submitted to press… we’ll see if anything comes of it!
Now, I must go write! 🙂

Back to Sweet Dreams with Undecided

I plunged back into the world of Sweet Dreams again after a few months concentrating on AL.

The 4th book that cropped up between True Love and One More Try is titled Undecided.

It follows Victoria and Cynthia, back at school after Steve’s attack.

Victoria must heal, deal with school gossip about how she got the wound, and suffer the time away from Rob as best she can.

Cynthia must battle her emotions about Derek and what she told him to do – get over Laura – while also dealing with her mother’s voltaic personality.

Will our two gals make it to graduation without getting in any more scrapes? No one knows.

Cynthia does a lot of soul searching in this book. We also get to see a bigger part of Raul’s life.

30% of the way doesn’t sound like much, but… it’s coming! I’ve written over 8,000 words this weekend! If only there were a few more holidays to get this puppy finished. 🙂

Stay tuned here for more word counts and all the news on what I’m working on.

SD4- Undecided


Crazy Times!

I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile. It’s been crazy busy at the Casa de Emz. My gram died at the end of September, so a last minute trip to LA while I was nursing a cold turned into a 3 week health drama!  While still mourning Gram, there was sickness in the house, to keep going, the completion of Sweet Dreams novel for editor review, a couple of book signing appearances, and HALLOWEEN!  Another trip to LA, Disneyland, the Queen Mary, and back home all to do it all over again! I’m pooped.

That being said, I do have some news.

  • Sweet Dreams is in the proof stages, so it will hopefully release soon!  I’m hoping for Dec. 1st… let’s hope it’s sooner!
  • I will be going to Loscon, so all you So. Cal peeps, or those going to Loscon from other places, I’ll happily see you there. Don’t forget to approach me and say HI!  I might have swag with me. 🙂
  • Dusk’s Warriors, the sequel to Night’s Knights is well on it’s way to being completed. I am going to begin recording the beginning of December.
  • is still going strong, come on over and listen if you like.

All that being said, I have tons to do! Talk to you all soon!

Just when you thought it was safe to…

I’ve been so busy recently, I haven’t made many blog posts. It’s hard when writing life, day job life, and personal life suddenly crash together into some kind of giant tidal wave! Run Emz! Run!

I think things might slow down for a little bit now. Here are some projects I’m working on in the next couple weeks:

  • Season 4 finale of Horror Addicts tapes July 4th, airs July 8th.
  • True Love, the 3rd novel in the Sweet Dreams Series launches on tomorrow (June 30th).
  • I’m re-reading / editing Sweet Dreams volume 1 for a print version (not many people know about this yet).
  • I am attempting to finish up Night’s Knights 2, Dusk’s Warriors so that I can podcast it at the end of the year.
  • Season 5 of Horror Addicts probably won’t launch till September. I need a break and I think my staff do too.

Some things I won’t be working on in the near future (I don’t think).

  • Those of you looking for the horror romance I promised awhile back might see it later rather than sooner. I’ve decided to try the old dinosaur way with this one… we’ll see if any REAL offers come for it.
  • I know some of you are looking forward to my Northanger Abbey modern re-write and The Vicar’s Daughter which are both very near and dear to my heart, but I just don’t have time for these right now. I haven’t put them away, but they are on the bottom shelf.
  • Sweet Dreams 4? I will be working on this someday. Sweet Dreams 4 was supposed to be One More Try which is done– just needs a little fine tuning, but suddenly in between Sweet Dreams 3, True Love, and One More Try, a mini novelette popped up I’m calling Undecided. I have about half written and haven’t decided if I will write the other half fresh or pull from other books. If fresh, it will probably have more of Derek in it because to me he was always a minor character, but with the rewrites he has become something more. With the print novel of Sweet Dreams, I’m not sure if I will concentrate on getting the 4th one written and recorded first or get 2 & 3 in print format. A little email guidance on this is welcomed. Any Sweet Dreamers wanna give me their wish list?

That’s about all for tonight! 
Now I will log off to continue the Sweet Dreams read. Hopefully will get to the editor July-ish and I am hoping for a November release, just in time for holiday shoppers… after all, it is the ultimate holiday love story.

Talk to you soon,

Recording, emails, and bands…

Recorded the rest of True Love tonight. Now just waiting on one song and 2 voice clips. Then I can start editing! 🙂
This is NOT an April Fool’s Joke! I know the Sweet Dreams fans *think* they have been waiting so long… but the Night’s Knights fans have been waiting longer.
Don’t worry NK fans!  NK2 rewrite is coming along smashingly!  I got to work on a big chunk of it on Wednesday and I think I know where I’m going now.
Someone emailed me not too long ago and said who would win in a Sweet Dreams VS. Night’s Knight grudge match? Everyone might automatically say that NK would win… being they have Jespa. But don’t discount Victoria’s will to survive in SD. In True Love, she might surprize you!
Course, if they did have a grudge match, it would make my husband happy as he is always trying to have me make the SD crew into vampires. Sorry— no supernatural stuff in SD, unless I do it for a spoof or something. If the two casts did meet, I wonder if Martin from NK and Kip from SD (or The Kipster as my husband calls him) would hook up? Hum…

Things tackled today:

  • Finished recording True Love! YEAH!
  • Horror Addicts will be having a Best of Bands for Season 3- I’ll be announcing the voting procedure and such this Sunday when I do the live taping.
  • I’ll be showcasing the Podthology writers on HA next time (Episode #40 – taping 4/18, go live date 4/22) and I’ve asked for some little shorts by them. Not sure what I’ll get since I don’t know most of them personally, but we’ll see. As far as I know they aren’t Horror Writers (a few are) so getting to see them in a Horror light may be fun. Stay tuned for this! We still don’t know the date of publication for the book.
  • Asked H.E. Roulo to do a newscaster voice for me on the last chapter of True Love. She has a great speaking voice and when I asked her to do the News Caster for a recent HA story, she got a lot of compliments, so… I figure it wouldn’t hurt. Thinking about a second male news caster voice… not sure who I can get to do it. It’s just a couple of lines.
  • Still haven’t found a replacement recording thingy for Audrey and my other call-ins to use to call into the HA show. Since Snapvine closed, it really sucks! If anyone knows of a place, please email me! I might have to pay some money for it. That would suck!

Nothing else to say I guess… I want to thank you all for reading and listening to my books and giving me such great feedback. Thanks for the support. You guys rock! Oh yeah, and for all of you who begged me to start this unplugged blog, I guess it isn’t too bad. Kinda feels like I’m back in High School and handing you a note between classes updating you all on how the day has gone. Wow… flashbacks!  Don’t get caught reading by the teacher!