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TVD Project

I looked over an old novel, started in 2005 today. It’s called The Vicar’s Daughter and is only about two chapters right now. I have to say, though, that the love story in TVD is rather exciting. This will be a straight Victorian romance/drama sort of story. No horror in it unless you count poor Emelia’s evil father.

It’s strange how much you learn as a writer over just a small amount of time. I think I learn something new every time I read a work or write a new tale or edit a story submitted to me. That’s why I always tell new authors to write, write, read, and write! I think that is also why it takes us authors so long to let a story go… I could edit stories over and over and over and still not come out without a mark.

Other work tonight consisted of straightening out the last few chapters of my currently podcasted vampire sequel, Dusk’s Warriors, and working on the Horror Disaster Anthology I’ve started. Lots of busy work tonight.

It was nice reading something fresh today like TVD. I probably won’t work on it any time soon though– as I have so many other projects that I want to get to. My next big project, as I’ve been talking about here already is AL. Once that is complete, I want to work on my Northanger Abbey reboot. I’m really excited about that one. Have tons of notes and the basic story outline mapped out in my mind.

So, TVD will have to stay in it’s infancy. Sorry Emelia… your story will be halted until I can get back to you!