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Y is for Yikes 2.0

So like… where did my time off go?
No one knows, but it’s definitely gone. Horror Addicts is gearing up for our 5th Season. 5TH! I can’t believe it. And the shows aren’t even locked in. Last season it was sewn up tight by this time. Not this time. This time I have dropping out authors, missing bands, no one is prepared!  ACK!!! Probably not the best to take off when everyone else is taking off. Note to self: Never hiatus at this time again.

I’ll never listen to my note. I’ll do it again– just watch!

Besides Horror Addicts, I’m trying to wrap up my Sweet Dreams print novel project. The cover model has been paid. The editor has been sent the final draft (well.. the final before she sends it back to me and I redo it all. Hhehee.), and the 3rd book in the series, True Love, is almost complete at

Next week I’ll be on live, so if anyone wants to hear me, keep posted to my main blog at For now, I must go send out deadline notices because you know… I’m so good at that.  Too bad I wasn’t better at the deadlines themselves. Hehhee.

D is for Dread

Tonight started as a day all of us entertainers, authors… heck, computer users DREAD.

The day you have a long list of things to catch up on and you push the on button to your computer and zap! Nothing happens.

I couldn’t believe it. I did all the normal things… turned it off and on… hit the magic “reset” button… left it alone for awhile and came back… NOTHING!

I had given up… and in giving up, knew that these things wouldn’t happen: 

  • My writer’s group wouldn’t get their stories on time.
  • My bills wouldn’t get paid (Notice how I put the group before my basic human needs. Are you listening guys!? Lmao)
  • Updates on a few blogs and network sites wouldn’t get posted.
  • The 4th Chapter of True Love wouldn’t get uploaded for approval.
  • The edits I was going to put in for Sweet Dreams, wouldn’t get put in.
  • I wouldn’t catch up on my email.
  • And last… and most important, the Season Finale of Horror Addicts – #45 with Phil Rossi & Outworld, wouldn’t get listened to, edited, or posted by tomorrow night.

What a sad and most horrible day for this to happen!!!

But now I’m on, you say. What effected the change?!

Three hours later, I switched it on to take a picture of the screen it kept being stuck on and sha-zam… up pops the beautiful Black Butler desktop image I hold so dear to my heart. “Sebastian!!!” I squealed. (Yes… I do tend to talk to my computer screen when in crisis!) “Sebastian! You’re back!”

Needless to say, Sebastian and I got right to work.
Barring any computer issues, the Season Finale of Horror Addicts – #45 with Phil Rossi & Outworld will be posted tomorrow night and well… with all the computer drama I went through tonight-  5 out of 7 tasks completed ain’t bad honey!

Just when you thought it was safe to…

I’ve been so busy recently, I haven’t made many blog posts. It’s hard when writing life, day job life, and personal life suddenly crash together into some kind of giant tidal wave! Run Emz! Run!

I think things might slow down for a little bit now. Here are some projects I’m working on in the next couple weeks:

  • Season 4 finale of Horror Addicts tapes July 4th, airs July 8th.
  • True Love, the 3rd novel in the Sweet Dreams Series launches on tomorrow (June 30th).
  • I’m re-reading / editing Sweet Dreams volume 1 for a print version (not many people know about this yet).
  • I am attempting to finish up Night’s Knights 2, Dusk’s Warriors so that I can podcast it at the end of the year.
  • Season 5 of Horror Addicts probably won’t launch till September. I need a break and I think my staff do too.

Some things I won’t be working on in the near future (I don’t think).

  • Those of you looking for the horror romance I promised awhile back might see it later rather than sooner. I’ve decided to try the old dinosaur way with this one… we’ll see if any REAL offers come for it.
  • I know some of you are looking forward to my Northanger Abbey modern re-write and The Vicar’s Daughter which are both very near and dear to my heart, but I just don’t have time for these right now. I haven’t put them away, but they are on the bottom shelf.
  • Sweet Dreams 4? I will be working on this someday. Sweet Dreams 4 was supposed to be One More Try which is done– just needs a little fine tuning, but suddenly in between Sweet Dreams 3, True Love, and One More Try, a mini novelette popped up I’m calling Undecided. I have about half written and haven’t decided if I will write the other half fresh or pull from other books. If fresh, it will probably have more of Derek in it because to me he was always a minor character, but with the rewrites he has become something more. With the print novel of Sweet Dreams, I’m not sure if I will concentrate on getting the 4th one written and recorded first or get 2 & 3 in print format. A little email guidance on this is welcomed. Any Sweet Dreamers wanna give me their wish list?

That’s about all for tonight! 
Now I will log off to continue the Sweet Dreams read. Hopefully will get to the editor July-ish and I am hoping for a November release, just in time for holiday shoppers… after all, it is the ultimate holiday love story.

Talk to you soon,

Baycon 2010- Saturday

Saturday was all about the weapons! Somehow I didn’t have any panels on Saturday so it was a big day of me being me and running around like crazy to meet, see, be!  What has become our favorite panel of the con was first on our list. Weapons and Armor for Writers hosted by Eytan Kollin. I had met Dani Kollin two years ago at Baycon, outside of a room waiting for a panel to begin. At that time, I was heavy into podcasting, but had no books out. Dani was talking about a book he co-wrote with his brother, but is wasn’t out yet. Last year, I had the privilege of interviewing the Kollin brothers for Horror Addicts. Unfortunately, the sound quality wasn’t good as I wasn’t used to podcasting on the go and the room dynamics combined with my laptop did not work very well. The guys were great though and we had fun listening to them argue for awhile. Their book, The Unincorporated Man, had just come out. This year, they were there to promote their second book The Unincorporated War.

Eytan also puts on an unparalleled weapons demonstration. He tells you about what they show in movies or books that can’t possibly or wouldn’t possibly happen in real combat. He’s funny and entertaining and lets you touch his equipment. That didn’t sound right… but what I mean is, it’s very hands on.

After Eytan, we got to watch Renaissance Sword Fighting from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. This was a pretty awesome show too, as they fought each other in what would be real combat stance and garb. The battles were so fierce, one guy even broke his gantlet and his finger! Most of us never get to see all these real weapons up close, so the experience was freakin’ awesome. Even though I don’t usually use melee weapons in my writing, it was great to watch. Since there are some weapons in my next book, Dusk’s Warriors, it found it invaluable.

Later that day we got to hear readings and author discussions from Dani & Eytan Kollin and Laurel Ann Hill. By 6ish we were ready to get into our zombie gear and head for the Masquerade. You can see all the excellent costumes at my Facebook gallery here:!/album.php?aid=182261&id=506452600

We went to the Klingon Slave Auction, which is always fun to watch, but then a couple of fire drills broke that party up. Ari headed for the Anime lounge (her favorite all-night hangout at Baycon) and we went upstairs to sleep!



Now, I’ll have to tell you about Sunday and Monday later… I’m exhausted!

Baycon 2010 – Friday

Friday at Baycon kicked off with a panel on Manga vs. Comics. This was my first panel at a Baycon ever. I was unsure what to expect. That morning I had woken from my nice clean hotel bed, got dressed, and posted a blog here. Then I called in to Fandom Today and was interviewed by Free Audio Bookshelf. After all that, I trudged with my husband Kirk to set up the Horror Addicts table. The panel was at 2:00p.  Being early friday, I didn’t expect much of a crowd, but we attracted many very passionate manga/comic fans and had a good talk. It was great to see manga fans as into the books as I am.

Later, we met up with writer H. E. Roulo and my best friend, Ari. We enjoyed some Regency dancing, checked out all the fan tables, and later had a midnight tea. By the end of the day, we were exhausted and ready to hit the sack.

Baycon- Kick off!

So every year me and my husband come to Baycon and every year we go to his favorite restaurant down here- Bennigans. This year I ordered “Death by Chocolate”. It musta been the name that inspired me. The presentation was awesome, so it doesn’t bother me that I couldn’t even eat half!

Today I will be calling in to my friends over at Fandom Today, be interviewed by Arlene on te Blog Talk Radio Show Free Audio Bookshelf, and have a panel @ 2pm on manga. Sounds like a load of fun!

I hope to see some of you here. Either at the social tonight, at my panel, or at the fantable we have on the 2nd floor by the escalators for Horror Addicts. Ask me for swag!  Or, just have a talk.

See you there!


And then you never heard from her again!

It’s been awhile, I know… I’m just so busy with everything, no time to take a breath and record it.
Since last we spoke, I’ve done several interviews, went out to sell my book Night’s Knights at some local (Bay Area) fairs, got the new cover for NK2 (Dusk’s Warriors), started hosting a new SL event for Bookstacks called Little Pub of Horrors, had an erotica story featured on the Different Worlds podcast, worked tons on the 3rd book in the Sweet Dreams Series, and the new anthology I’m in, Podthology: The Pod Complex has been released. Whew!
So let’s recap:

Podioracket Interview:

Pagereaders Interview:

Out of the Coffin Interview with Dan Shaurette

Dusk’s Warriors Cover

Little Pub of Horrors
(as of yet, still unposted – sorry!)

Desire by Emerian Rich on the Different Worlds podcast

Sweet Dreams Series new blog!

Podthology: The Pod Complex

So, is that enough for you!? Geez! I’m tired. I need a va-ca!

Saturday I will be at the Emerald Fest, details can be found on my main blog here:

And I could stay and talk, but those Sweet Dreamers want their sequel! I’m off to audio edit.

Busy Night

Surprisingly busy night tonight. All I had scheduled was one interview with Dan Shaurette… but the evening turned into a productive time.

I listened in on and was coaxed to call in on They were talking to several peeps… one of them being Mercedes Lackey who I was supposed to try and interview last year at Baycon for She ended up not being there and so I didn’t even get a chance to ask her if she would like to interview. But tonight I got to ask her one of the questions Eric wanted to know about. So, cool!

Dan Shaurette asked if I’d like to interview for his Out of the Coffin podcast. Of course I said yes.  And so tonight we met for the first time in voice and I think he’s probably sorry. I just rambled on as if no one else wanted to talk. I shoulda shut up! That is my problem in interviews I just keep yammering on. Hhehe. Will let you know when it posts, but for now, just check out his cast.

Recorded Chapter 24 of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey tonight. I freakin’ love this book!  I have notes on a modern rewrite, but have not gotten much down yet because of all the other writing projects I have. Helen over at japodnovel is allowing me to kidnap the feed for one episode so I can read from one of my favorite books of all time. Don’t you just love how Mr. Tilney seems to chastise Miss Morland but then also seems amused by her?  It’s kind of like a dark humor teasing kind of thing. Very cool. Not sure when it will post as I haven’t edited it yet and Helen has like 12 more to go before it and all… but you should still check out awesome podcast for ja lovers.

Finally, I got an email from the Podthology Father, Tim. Proof of Podthology looks good!  Can’t wait to start signing them!

Horror Addicts & Horror Fest

Editing Horror Addicts #39 tonight. Also… adding all the Horror Fest audio I’ve had since March 13th. Yikes!

Just another show…

Today was the taping of Horror Addicts #39 on Second Life. Went well.
Couple of SL voice issues… where the audio was clippy, but you won’t hear it on the aduio file. I have to say, though we have a bit of that, SL Voice has really improved over the last year or so. Mark’s story was 49 mins (way over– Yes, I’m chastising you MARK!) So for SL Voice to last that long at all is amazing.
Show featured Mark Eller, Malfaktor, and the movie Slither.
Still trying to find a replacement for Snapvine so my staff and new authors can leave messages for the fans. Haven’t found it yet. Possibly Google Voice. Not sure yet.

Show will take approx. five hours of editing, levelating, re-editing, posting, and pimping. That will happen this week sometime.

Got to meet some new and old friends at the taping and after. Hi! To MJ Hahn, who was in the studio and a new guy Perry. Also met Melk from Turkey and Bonk (not sure where he was from, but nice accent nonetheless!). K and Matty were there in all their bunnydom glory and Crap won the costume contest with the best Blob outfit.

After, spoke to Rhonda and Wolf about the London School of Journalism Con happening on SL at the end of April. Geez!  I have no time for anything!  My calendar is so booked up this month, it’s insane. Also plan to be at a Podioracket show this month as they will be talking about Podthology. No, still no release date yet.

Book Island is a pretty happenin’ place for Easter Sunday. Thought I would have no crowd, but as it approached 9:25a, they all started flocking in. If you missed it, sorry… show will go live April 8th. Also planning on uploading the Bonus tracks from Horror Fest this week. Pics will be posted on and — blogged about my awesome NK party on SL that happened awhile ago. To read all about it… go here:

WOOSH!  Exhausted! Time for Emz to REALLY get Unplugged…

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