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Lookalikes – Writing Research

What does writing research have to do with Hollywood lookalikes? Well, it combines my two favorite things, the website and my love of digging for the truth! When researching movies and actors there is no better site than, the internet movie database. I have the app on my phone and use it daily, but recently was shocked to find out some people don’t know about it.

How do I use it for my writing? Well, let’s say you’re trying to reference a certain actor for your character to mention in your text. You can’t say… “You know that one guy who played that cop in that one show with the other guy who is always the bad guy? THAT’s who I’m gonna act like when I smash your skull to bits.” Not as powerful as if you know what you’re talking about, right? I also search stars when I am looking for character pictures for my own personal slam books.

This post is one I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I am just amazed at how many lookalikes there are in Hollywood. When I was younger and we moved a lot, mom used to tell me there are only 1,000 people in the world, so when we moved and saw someone who looked like someone from our old town, she’d nod knowingly. “I told you so.” Her theory stood up when I was five. Now that I know that’s not true, I am still fascinated by lookalikes… so let’s see if you agree with my observations.

Catherine Mary Stewart vs. Jessica Steen
Catherine was in the Night of the Comet – our favorite zombie-smashing, video game playing, cheerleader’s older sister, hide in the movie theater projection room hottie. Jessica was in one of my favorite 80’s movies, Sing and also in a great TV series called Homefront. For the life of me, I can never tell the two apart. They are both gorgeous women and have aged well.
cathjess copy

Cher Lloyd vs Kaya Scodelario
The bad girl from X Factor UK vs. the bad girl from Skins. They both happen to be from the UK, but as far as I know, are no relation.


Rick Ocasek vs. Ivan E. Roth, or “Willy” the head stock boy in Night of the Comet.
I actually thought Rick Ocasek from the Cars played this zombie stock boy for years! Add a little zombie makeup and he could do it!

Alexandra Chando vs. Nina Dobrev
The Lying Game‘s star vs. The Vampire Diaries star. What’s more is they both play “twin” like characters on their shows. Alexandra is playing twin girls, separated at birth and Nina is playing the lead Elena and her doppelganger vampire ancestor from the past.alexnina

Sam Trammell vs. Matthew Settle
The wolf from True Blood vs. the dad from Gossip Girlsammat

Demi Moore and Jordana Brewster
Mom and daughter? When I first saw Jordana in D.E.B.S. I thought for sure she was Demi’s daughter.


Do you have any Hollywood lookalikes?
Is there a site you use for reference that you couldn’t live without?