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Busy Night

Surprisingly busy night tonight. All I had scheduled was one interview with Dan Shaurette… but the evening turned into a productive time.

I listened in on and was coaxed to call in on They were talking to several peeps… one of them being Mercedes Lackey who I was supposed to try and interview last year at Baycon for She ended up not being there and so I didn’t even get a chance to ask her if she would like to interview. But tonight I got to ask her one of the questions Eric wanted to know about. So, cool!

Dan Shaurette asked if I’d like to interview for his Out of the Coffin podcast. Of course I said yes.  And so tonight we met for the first time in voice and I think he’s probably sorry. I just rambled on as if no one else wanted to talk. I shoulda shut up! That is my problem in interviews I just keep yammering on. Hhehe. Will let you know when it posts, but for now, just check out his cast.

Recorded Chapter 24 of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey tonight. I freakin’ love this book!  I have notes on a modern rewrite, but have not gotten much down yet because of all the other writing projects I have. Helen over at japodnovel is allowing me to kidnap the feed for one episode so I can read from one of my favorite books of all time. Don’t you just love how Mr. Tilney seems to chastise Miss Morland but then also seems amused by her?  It’s kind of like a dark humor teasing kind of thing. Very cool. Not sure when it will post as I haven’t edited it yet and Helen has like 12 more to go before it and all… but you should still check out awesome podcast for ja lovers.

Finally, I got an email from the Podthology Father, Tim. Proof of Podthology looks good!  Can’t wait to start signing them!