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D is for Dread

Tonight started as a day all of us entertainers, authors… heck, computer users DREAD.

The day you have a long list of things to catch up on and you push the on button to your computer and zap! Nothing happens.

I couldn’t believe it. I did all the normal things… turned it off and on… hit the magic “reset” button… left it alone for awhile and came back… NOTHING!

I had given up… and in giving up, knew that these things wouldn’t happen: 

  • My writer’s group wouldn’t get their stories on time.
  • My bills wouldn’t get paid (Notice how I put the group before my basic human needs. Are you listening guys!? Lmao)
  • Updates on a few blogs and network sites wouldn’t get posted.
  • The 4th Chapter of True Love wouldn’t get uploaded for approval.
  • The edits I was going to put in for Sweet Dreams, wouldn’t get put in.
  • I wouldn’t catch up on my email.
  • And last… and most important, the Season Finale of Horror Addicts – #45 with Phil Rossi & Outworld, wouldn’t get listened to, edited, or posted by tomorrow night.

What a sad and most horrible day for this to happen!!!

But now I’m on, you say. What effected the change?!

Three hours later, I switched it on to take a picture of the screen it kept being stuck on and sha-zam… up pops the beautiful Black Butler desktop image I hold so dear to my heart. “Sebastian!!!” I squealed. (Yes… I do tend to talk to my computer screen when in crisis!) “Sebastian! You’re back!”

Needless to say, Sebastian and I got right to work.
Barring any computer issues, the Season Finale of Horror Addicts – #45 with Phil Rossi & Outworld will be posted tomorrow night and well… with all the computer drama I went through tonight-  5 out of 7 tasks completed ain’t bad honey!