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April Updates

WTF happened? One moment it was the New Year and now suddenly it’s April!

For those of you who don’t know, I moved houses and now am in somewhat of a “dream” house. Of course, for my sky-is-the-limit dream house, we would now be living in a 10+ story high rise that we owned outright complete with a journal museum, writer’s store, and cafe’ down near Kearny and California Streets (remind me to tell you about that dream one day). However, this new house that we are living in is pretty damned cool for a single family. It’s also a house that me and my hubby used to walk by as penniless twenty-somethings and dream about living in. It’s not that we’re so much more refined or wealthy now, but we have amassed the socially acceptable amount of debt to make us a good credit risk. Try to wrap your head around THAT one!

Anyway, since I’ve been moving, I have had hardly any time to write… which, frankly, pisses me the hell off! If I can’t write a few pages… or even a chapter or two a night, I get rather grumpy. And I know you all are waiting on the next installment of…. whatever series you follow, so in effect, it pisses you the hell off too!

Well, I’m here to tell you that your grumpiness (and mine) should be short lived. My office is back in some-what working order and I have uncovered the magical box that contains all my current projects. So, soon, everything you love about me and my characters will be back.

Let me give you some status updates and then I can get on with writing! ūüôā

  • Undecided, the 4th book in the¬†Sweet Dreams Series¬†is completed! ¬†I have a few first readers working on it and I hope to start recording the podcast by the end of the summer.
  • Finally finished and submitted the vampire short story¬†‚ąö¬†(no word on this yet)
  • In the middle of a ‚ÄúHaunted Item‚ÄĚ short story. The book submission period is over, but I love the idea so much… I’m just hoping here. It‚Äôs set in flapper days.
  • Dusk Warriors, the vampire sequel to¬†Night‚Äôs Knights¬†is still going on podcast. I have no idea where I am with this… but I think I have about 3 chapters left to podcast.
  • We launched GothHaus 3, The Gothmazing Race on #72 (yes, we’re back!)
  • Artistic License, I am happy to say I have¬†received¬†the first edit from the editor and am excited to dig into it. It will be the next thing I accomplish, after The Wickeds anthology.
  • Almost done with The Wickeds anthology. I have edits to put in, the cover to fix and we’ll be in business. Supposed to release this month!
  • Horror Disaster Anthology, this puppy has been quite a trek. We’ve gone through 2 artists, 2 charities, and 2 editors… now, we should see something moving ahead. I am thinking Fall or Winter 2012. These authors have been waiting a long time and they deserve the book in print.

This is all. This is allllllll I have to do. So, I’m gonna get to it! ūüôā
Love you all and thank you for the emails about new books and where my projects are. It really helps me get on task and reminds me that someone out there cares if I actually finish these things!

Happy reading!

TVD Project

I looked over an old novel, started in 2005 today. It’s called The Vicar’s Daughter and is only about two chapters right now.¬†I have to say, though, that the love story in TVD is rather exciting. This will be a straight Victorian romance/drama sort of story. No horror in it unless you count poor Emelia’s evil father.

It’s strange how much you learn as a writer over just a small amount of time. I think I learn something new every time I read a work or write a new tale or edit a story submitted to me. That’s why I always tell new authors to write, write, read, and write! I think that is also why it takes us authors so long to let a story go… I could edit stories over and over and over and still not come out without a mark.

Other work tonight consisted of straightening out the last few chapters of my currently podcasted vampire sequel, Dusk’s Warriors, and working on the Horror Disaster Anthology I’ve started. Lots of busy work tonight.

It was nice reading something fresh today like TVD. I probably won’t work on it any time soon though– as I have so many other projects that I want to get to. My next big project, as I’ve been talking about here already is AL. Once that is complete, I want to work on my Northanger Abbey reboot. I’m really excited about that one. Have tons of notes and the basic story outline mapped out in my mind.

So, TVD will have to stay in it’s infancy. Sorry¬†Emelia… your story will be halted until I can get back to you!

AL Project ~ The Music

AL playlist, music – inspired, inside the book, or what I was listening to while writing.

Bethena (A Concert Waltz) (1905)

Come Josephine in My Flying Machine  (1910)

Crying in the Rain, Everley Brothers (or my fav. version by A-ha)

I’m Starving for One Sight of You –¬†Frank C. Stanley and Henry Burr (1908)

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree –¬†Henry Burr ¬†(1905)

Here Comes the Sun – Beatles

In Ragtime Land – Arthur Collins (1912)

Oh You Beautiful Doll – Billy Murray and the American Quartet (1911)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart –¬†Shannon Quartet ¬†(1926)

When Uncle Joe Plays A Rag On His Old Banjo -Arthur Collins (1912)

White Canvas – A-ha

AL Project ~ The Math

I’ve just spent four days working birth, death, and time period math. Not fun. Especially when I¬†despise¬†math!

Word to the wise. When setting up a story, set out all the¬†time frames¬†and player’s lives before you begin… or at least shortly after you begin. I have found this many times with my writing. When I was a beginning writer, I just wrote characters… I knew who they were and where they were going and a little about where they came from. ¬†Unfortunately, if your character becomes the star of an unexpected series, you will need to have their¬†back stories¬†well in hand.

For Night’s Knights, this presented a problem when I was recently asked how a certain character, Sandro, became a vampire and what his maker was like. You see, I thought I was smart. I mapped out the vampire family tree before I finished the book. I had names and thought a little about their backgrounds. What I didn’t think about was time periods, what was happening in the world at the time and how a 4th generation vampire came from the spawn of¬†Satan¬†even though that spawn of¬†Satan had been in human form while that 4th generation vampire was still a mortal. Yeah… figure THAT one out!

Boy, did that one take awhile to figure out. Sure, it made for an excellent plot twist, but trying to retrace your steps and make all the dots connect sucks!

I recently ran into this same problem with the AL project. Without giving too much away, this story takes place in 1912,¬†briefly¬†in 1978, and in 2011 (or present day). When I began the tale, I just figured the magic in the tale would take care of itself, but recently I’ve realized, it doesn’t. And backtracking ain’t fun guys and gals. So do your math first… sketch your characters out (even if you have them in your head), and know when they were born, how old they are, when they died, and who their parents were before you cement your tale. Especially if it’s a sort of multiple time period¬†piece… otherwise you’ll spend four days working out the math and may realize your dates and characters are off! Needless to say…. changes must be made!

Maybe one day I will share my genius charrie book format with you. o.o

A is for Ack!

¬†It’s really sad. I can’t believe that I haven’t updated you guys in so long. LOSCON was an adventure, that’s all I’ll say.

Next up is Baycon at the end of May and who knows if I will post on this unplugged version of myself before then. My intention is always there, but other things get in the way. Let me recap what I’ve done since Novemeber!

1 HolidaySeason officially wrapped, unwrapped, and wrapped again. Thank God THAT’s over!
1 Podcast ( officially hiatused but yet will be returning at the beginning of May.
1 Polidori Award won! YES!
4 Short stories written — YES!¬† Four!¬† And also that means 4 shorts will be appearing in books soon– TBA.
1 Vampire sequel is in full swing. Yes, Dusk’s Warriors, the sequel to Night’s Knights is officially on it’s 7th Chapter. 8th Chapter coming!
1 Sweet Dreams sequel (Undecided)¬†officially worked on (I’m only about half way done — omg, you Sweet Dreamers are going to love Ian!).
5 Books read — I know this is a short list for me!
4 Mangas read — again, a short list.
2 Black Butler anime series watched! Because he’s simply one Hell of a butler!

Geez… if I didn’t anything else, I don’t remember it. And when I see it all in a list, it actually makes me feel a little productive!
Anyway, I have solved a few issues with my vampire back stories. I never thought that these certain charries would get much play, but now they are in the fore front. A short story about Sandro and Rafael is coming soon!
And for now… that is it! ūüôā
Happy reading all! ~Emz

Yup- Going to Loscon! See you there!

AuthorPic Loscon 37   A celebration of Urban fantasy, Steampunk and SF Noir Author, Horror Hostess, and dashPunk author, Emerian Rich, will be at Loscon 37 on Friday November 26th and Saturday November 27th. Come check out the Dark Loscon, A celebration of Urban fantasy, Steampunk and SF Noir.

Loscon logo

November 26-28th 2010
at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles

Loscon is the primary Los Angeles Regional Science Fiction literary convention produced by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

Held each year over Thanksgiving weekend it is our main fund raising event.

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society is the oldest continuously meeting science fiction literary society in the world.

Come check out her panels and say hello. She will have goodies for those who approach her!

W is for Whoooo Hooo!!

You might not find this¬†very exciting, but I figured out the final issue with Night’s Knights 2, Dusk’s Warriors.

This is such a breakthrough. I have most of the novel written. Just have to sew it up and connect all the little pieces. But I’ve had one mental block that has been causing me trouble, and until that mystery was solved, it was like I couldn’t sew¬†it up!

It’s all about the rules. When you start a novel, sometimes you don’t know what rules or guidelines your supernatural creature or cosmic event will have. You just write it. Then, you have to go back and make sense to it. That’s the hard part!

So here I go, off to start finishing this blasted thing!

P is for Podcast Launch Week!

This week is Podcast Launch Week!
My friends over at Podioracket have their first show on Thursday, I will be a guest.
Fandom Today started their season recently and I am preparing to record my first show in a few months on Friday night.

What goes into a new season of Horror Addicts?¬†A whole hell of alot. I couldn’t do any of it without my staff. Well, I could, but it would suck.
First, it’s about authors, bands, and movies. We need all the right people at all the right times and mix them together, and hopefully it all clicks.
Then I need to collect all the data for what I will talk about, which is somewhat easy when you have as great listeners as we do who email me stuff.
Now… I have to make the theme music- that’s a big one. And there is a surprise this season, so it will take me a bit longer.
And I need to redecorate our studio since I tore it up recently to take some pics for the Book Island picture tour.
Geez… I have a lot to do.
Can’t wait to bring another awesome season to the Horror Addicts out there!

Y is for Yikes 2.0

So like… where did my time off go?
No one knows, but it’s definitely gone. Horror Addicts is gearing up for our 5th Season. 5TH!¬†I can’t believe it. And the shows aren’t even locked in. Last season it was sewn up tight by this time. Not this time. This time I have dropping out authors, missing bands, no one is prepared!¬† ACK!!! Probably not the best to take off when everyone else is taking off. Note to self: Never hiatus at this time again.

I’ll never listen to my note. I’ll do it again– just watch!

Besides Horror Addicts, I’m trying to wrap up my Sweet Dreams print novel project. The cover model has been paid. The editor has been sent the final draft (well.. the final before she sends it back to me and I redo it all. Hhehee.), and the 3rd book in the series, True Love, is almost complete at

Next week I’ll be on live, so if anyone wants to hear me, keep posted to my main blog at For now, I must go send out deadline notices because you know… I’m so good at that.¬† Too bad I wasn’t better at the deadlines themselves. Hehhee.

B is for Busy

I have no idea why a started these posts to be some kind of spelling lesson, but it just turned out that way. Obviously I don’t know by ABC’s cause B is definitely Before D.

Busy. Can the word even describe what most of us feel everyday? No. It needs to be longer, tougher, more macho. Cause unfortunately, us Busy people are so 24-7, we can’t even remember when we weren’t 24-7. Oh yeah, maybe before the internet.

So what am I Busy with? Yes, Horror Addicts is on hiatus, so I should have tons for free time, right? No. I am currently trying to catch up on everything I didn’t do while HA was on. Plus do everything that I will need done while HA is on and I won’t have time to do it. Alright… I’m going to shut up and give the list.

  • Sweet Dreams, the print version is coming along well. Almost done with my edit input and then I will do a quick reread before sending it to the editor. Still on track for November release (I hope). Check.
  • Horror Addicts author submissions are well underway and we are slowly building Season 5. Check.
  • Been trying to be good about writing some back log of dashPunk articles so I can have them ready in advance. Check – sorta. I’m pretty bad at this as I want to keep reading manga and not set it down for a minute to write what I’m reading!
  • Doing some upcoming events on SL. For more info go to:¬†Check.
  • Horror Addicts blog is really coming along. I have a few new writers and some that are getting their gumption up to write. Hum… who does that sound like? Check.
  • Night’s Knights 2, Dusk’s Warriors is really getting to the nitty gritty. I am almost done with the first draft. Unfortunately, I’m old school and most of it is handwritten, so the type in and re-edit might take some time. Still planning on getting that out in podcast form by the end of 2010. Check.

For the five of you that read this, you have been updated! Now I must sleep.

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