Five Misconceptions About Authors

Emz Newz

Cover by Masloski CarmenRecently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions in email. I love hearing from readers and listeners, it means someone is enjoying my work and man, that feels good!

However, I don’t know why readers are interested in me as a person. I began writing to escape my own boring or depressing existence and go to a world where I could make cool things happen. So, my real life, the one where I have to go grocery shopping and clean the bathroom, just doesn’t seem interesting to me. Writers are normal people with mortgages, bills, and four a.m. screams for “Mom!” as their kid throws up on the new rug.

Here are a few misconceptions readers have about us authors that I want to clear up.

  1. 144x212NKWe’re all rich. Okay, so my last name is Rich, but yeah…not rich. Writing doesn’t exactly pay what you might think. Although all the…

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