Out with the old, in with the new!

Biters, Sweet Dreamers, Readers and Listeners,

Wow…already February and I haven’t updated you on my word counts. Sorry! I’ve been so busy working I have hardly popped my head up to see where I’m going. I’ve been editing like a mad woman, which gets me itching to create NEW stuff. I really want to get back into the writing mode, and that is coming soon!


COMPLETE! Waiting for publication.

  • Lost Doe: This was a fun little challenge from my writer friend Heather Roulo. I was supposed to write a short story. It turned into a 30,000 word novella. It is set in Regency England and centers around a lost girl and the grumpy Lord who finds her. I am in love with this book. Hoping to release it in 2015.
  • Dusk’s Warriors, the print version sequel to my vampire novel, Night’s Knights, is done! I’m hoping to have some good news for you in 2015.
  • √ Voice actress for a couple voices in the upcoming serial by Dan Shaurette, Black Jack. Will premiere on HorrorAddicts.net Season 10.


  • HorrorAddicts.net Press – we are currently working on our 3rd book, due out in May, Horror Addicts Guide to Life. I will have many things published in this along with a great cast of other authors.
  • HorrorAddicts.net Season 10 is coming in March. We are booking up fast!
  • Artistic License: Yes, I am still plugging away on the Artistic License podcast. I’m on Chapter 9, which I hope to post this week. If you haven’t heard 1-8, you should catch up!
  • Northanger: I am working hard on the modern rewrite of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. Just taking a breath, and then work will begin on this one again.
  • Phantom rewrite – I just decided a year or so ago to do this… the ideas are still churning. After watching Love Never Dies, it rekindled my interest in Phantom’s tale.
  • Rich and Roulo #3: Coming in 2015 – 1920’s themed.
  •  Coming soon… SO EXCITED to share what I’m releasing in 2015, but they are all too new to announce! Stay tuned. 🙂



SHOPPING (love this term – makes it seem fun!)

  • “Becoming” – flash about banshees – subbed
  •  “Last Thoughts”100 word story written for HorrorAddicts.net – subbed
  • √ “Plague Ship” – poem about zombies on a ship – subbed
  • √ “Haunted Item” short story is awesome — Sub, rej, subbing again.
  • √ “PODS” short story is awesome — Reworking
  • √ “Evangeline’s Ribbon” – subbed

Thank you all for your emails and kind, encouraging words. Check out the word counts on the left, because I’ve been working!!!
Happy reading and listening!


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