Updates October 2014

Biters, Sweet Dreamers, Readers and Listeners,

It’s finally fall! YEAH! Time for scarf weather, Halloween, and staying inside to get some work done! For those of you I saw during the summer at events, I’d like to say thank you for supporting my career and being interested in my new work. For those of you who are at-home supporters, I thank you too. I’ve been just crazy busy, so let me share what I’ve been working on. Unfortunately, they are all works in progress, but I’ve been plugging away and hopefully some of them will come to fruition in 2015.


  • Lost Doe: This was a fun little challenge from my writer friend Heather Roulo. I was supposed to write a short story. It turned into a 30,000 word novella. It is set in Regency England and centers around a lost girl and the grumpy Lord who finds her. I am in love with this book. Hoping to release it in 2015.
  • Northanger: I am working hard on the modern rewrite of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. It’s coming along, but it’s on hold right now as I work on the 3rd project on this list.
  • Dusk’s Warriors, the print version sequel to my vampire novel, Night’s Knights, is currently on my desk. No, it’s not on my desk… it’s covering my desk, and might swallow it whole if I don’t get cracking on it. Edits are my least favorite thing to do, as you know. Edits and more edits and more edits still! I’m hoping to get this puppy polished by the end of the year and then I might have some good news for you in 2015.
  • HorrorAddicts.net Season 9 is wrapped! Another awesome season of my horror podcast has wrapped with the season finale special, #110 with guests Midnight Syndicate, Emily Goodwin, Miss Misery, and Ed Pope. This podcast is so fun, but a lot of work, so I’m happy to have a few months off to concentrate on my writing. If you’d like to listen to the finale from here, I’ve placed a clickable button below.
  • Artistic License: Yes, I am still plugging away on the Artistic License podcast. It’s slow going for a couple of reasons. 1.) I found all my audio for the chapters I’d already recorded (1-8) was bad. I’m currently rerecording each one by one as I construct them so it will sound better. 2.) I don’t have as much bandwidth on this as I’d like… so I can only post one chapter each month. If I get impatient, I suppose I’ll pay a bit more for more space, but right now it fits my slow going because of the audio.



  • tlsmall√ True Love is available in print and Kindle.
    Victoria Knox has an awesome boyfriend, great friends, and her singing career is on its way. Are the nightmares she’s been having a warning, or just her subconscious second-guessing the happiness she’s feeling for the first time in her life? When her boyfriend, Rob, whisks her off on a weekend trip planned completely in her honor, someone from her past has another agenda designed to ruin her. Will Rob be able to save her from the devious plans of a demented stalker?
    Boy band star, Derek Montgomery, is falling for Cynthia Porter in a big way, but she’s not sure she wants anything to do with him. Competing with the memories of Derek’s ex and tabloid rumors, Cynthia would rather let go of him than deal with all the drama. Can Derek prove to her that he’s serious and that she’s not just the rebound girl?
    Join these musically inspired friends as they find out if they’ve found true love.
  • ruinsbig4√  Rich and Roulo, Vol. 2 : RUINS is now available on Kindle.
    This is a great mix of my “Mummy” story and Heather’s “Great Asp” tale, along with a scary goddess poem.
    Authors Emerian Rich and H. E. Roulo come together to bring you Rich & Roulo, a fiction series harkening back to vaudevillian days where madness bordered on greatness, misery became wisdom, and beauty was found in even the most broken doll.
    In Rich and Roulo’s second volume, the woeful tale of a kidnapped princess and the story of an unwilling hero, join the poem of an ancient and powerful goddess to bring you RUINS. Set in exotic locations, these fables explore earthly concerns of love and life against a backdrop of death. The volume makes you wonder, once death has you, is there anything left? Or were we ruins to begin with?


  • √ Coming soon… SO EXCITED to share what I’m releasing in 2015, but they are all too new to announce! Stay tuned. 🙂



  • NK#1 Night’s Knights – available now.
  • NK#2  Dusk’s Warriors Working on the first read through now, then on to inputting edits and getting this puppy out to my first readers.
  • NK#3 Day’s Children

  • NK#4 Dawn’s Drog


  • Northanger Abbey rewrite – This will be the next full-length novel to release. It’s coming along!
  • Phantom rewrite – I just decided a year or so ago to do this… the ideas are still churning. After watching Love Never Dies, it rekindled my interest in Phantom’s tale.
  • Lost Doe – Out to first readers.


SHOPPING (love this term – makes it seem fun!)

  • “Becoming” – flash about banshees – sub to contest.
  • √ “Haunted Item” short story is awesome — Sub, rej, subbing again.
  • √ “PODS” short story is awesome — Reworking
  • √ “Evangeline’s Ribbon” – you horror people will love this one. Sub, rej, subbing again.
  • √  Nonfiction piece about my autistic son. Getting ready for a new publisher.
  • √  Wrote a 100 word story for HorrorAddicts.net’s I should do something with this. Yep. I still need to do something with this.

Thank you all for your emails and kind, encouraging words. Check out the word counts on the left, because I’ve been working!!!
Happy reading and listening!



  1. Anthony Hogg Said:

    Hi emz! I am “Vamped’s” administrator and I am greatly honoured to see Dan’s post here. Thank you!

    Just a minor correction, re: “Dan Shaurette wrote an article called “Do Your Vampires Sparkle?” over at vamped.com”. Our website is vamped.org.

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