The Box Challenge – 2013

boxAt the end of 2012, I read something somewhere (probably on Facebook) about putting all your accomplishments into a container for the year. At the end of the year, you pull them out and congratulate yourself on everything you accomplished.

As a creative overachiever, I am often weighed down with what I haven’t finished or what I still need to do. I never feel like living my life in the stressful  mile-a-minute way is constructive or complete. However, people who see me living my life and watch me complete things, constantly comment on how much I get done and wonder how I do it all.

So, for 2013, I will be putting in this fabulous box, everything I’ve completed for the year. My husband made me this awesome skull box and I’ve had it hanging around, wondering what to do with it – what special thing I could place in it. I am excited to merge this new “fun” task with my favorite box!

Are you going to do the same? Let me see your box and how you plan to use it.

p.s….. I’ve already got some things in it! Go me! 🙂


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