March Updates

Wow. I haven’t done an update since November, so it’s time to kick it in high gear again. Lots going on… here’s the run down:


    • √  Horrible Disasters – COMPLETE! Featuring my 1906 San Francisco Earthquake story, “Hammersmith House”. All profit goes to help disaster relief.
    • √  Rich & Roulo: Volume 1, DESIRE – COMPLETE! Kindle eBook short story collection with me and H. E. Roulo. This is a new series we’ve kept top secret till now. We will be rolling more of these out. I’m excited about this project. Hope you are too.
    • √  Artistic License – COMPLETE! Podnovel version coming soon!
    • √ Vampire short story, “Prettiest Things” SOLD to Hazardous Press! Publication details coming soon.
    • √ Monkey phobia short story, “The Monkey Queen” SOLD to Hidden Thoughts Press! Publication news to follow.
    • Season 8 starts March 30th!
  • SHOPPING (love this term. makes it seem fun!)
    • √  “Haunted Item” short story is awesome — submitted to 3rd new market, waiting.
    • √ Gorey flash fiction piece. COMPLETE! Stayed to 500 words only. I remembered where I am going to submit, but have not sent it yet. There is something it needs. Tweaking, then I will resubmit.
    • √  Wrote a 100 word story for’s I should do something with this. Yep. I still need to do something with this.
    • Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed!  I am in the recording phase – Chapter 8. You can read a sneak peek here on the 7/7 challenge blog.
    • I am also reading, One More Try, the 5th book in the Sweet Dreams Series. It is needing some adjustments because of the way Undecided ended up, but because I have basically the whole book written, it should be fast going. I would estimate I am about 6 10 Chapters in. Have not worked more on this yet. WILL! Want to get Undecided out and publish the 2nd and 3rd novels before I move on.
    • Dusk Warriors, the vampire sequel to Night’s Knights is still going on podcast. Almost done. I estimate 1-2 casts left to wrap that puppy up!  Last episode with extras is being produced as we speak! Lots of fun goodies on this, so it might take a bit.
    • o.o I forgot about this story! I wonder where it is!? Found it! “This is a Demons do Bad Things on Halloween story. Challenging myself to stay under 1000 words. Can I do it?” I found it, I’m working on it. I would estimate it’s about at 800 words. I need to close it up before I go over.
    • LOVELY BRAND NEW-SPANKING NEWS!!! I am writing a short story in my Sweet Dreams world. It came to me and would not be denied. I’ve been typing it now every spare moment (not many of those) for about 2 weeks. I can’t tell you much, but the star’s name is Abbey and she is a manga/anime writer/artist. I can’t wait to break this one out. I’m planning it to be a short story, Kindle only for now.
    • Northanger – still pumping away. Yep, haven’t touched this in awhile, but will get back to it soon.
    • Phantom – I wasn’t going to start this until WAY in the future, but I watched Love Never Dies and was immensely inspired to carry forward on this. Can’t get it out of my mind. I haven’t written any of the text yet, but the entire plot and character slam book few out of my pen onto the page at about 5000 words and counting. Seems like it will be a quick write, but only if I’m not distracted, which seems to happen so easily! Yikes… got distracted! I still love this story and you can read an excerpt here on the 7/7 challenge blog. It’s the second story blurb.

For all of you into the word count thing, I’ve updated my list to the left!
Happy reading!


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