November Updates

LOTS – O – Updates coming…. get ready!

    • √ Vampire short story, “Prettiest Things” SOLD!
      Publication news to follow.
    • √ Monkey phobia short story, “The Monkey Queen” SOLD! Publication news to follow.
  • SHOPPING (love this term. makes it seem fun!)
    • √  “Haunted Item” short story is awesome — submitted to 2nd new market, not chosen 😦 Will resubmit soon!
    • √ Gorey flash fiction piece. COMPLETE! Stayed to 500 words only. Now, I forget where I was going to submit it.
    • √  Wrote a 100 word story for’s I should do something with this.
    • Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed!  I need to have time at the computer to put it in so I can podcast later this year. Still needing to find time to key this in. Anyone with a lot of time on their hands? Hehhee.
    • I am also reading, One More Try, the 5th book in the Sweet Dreams Series. It is needing some adjustments because of the way Undecided ended up, but because I have basically the whole book written, it should be fast going. I would estimate I am about 6 10 Chapters in.
    • Dusk Warriors, the vampire sequel to Night’s Knights is still going on podcast. Almost done. I estimate 1-2 casts left to wrap that puppy up! Again… anyone with a lot of time on their hands? 
    • Horror Disaster Anthology is coming along nicely. We are in the formatting stage we are now in the publishers edit/bio/extras stage and the target of late 2012 seems to be pretty right on. very ambitious. I would say it’s probably going to be early 2013.
    • o.o I forgot about this story! I wonder where it is!? “This is a Demons do Bad Things on Halloween story. Challenging myself to stay under 1000 words. Can I do it?” Haven’t found it… wondering if I still can?
    • I’m starting a couple new projects with my friend H. E. Roulo. Too soon to talk about one. The other… well, it’s soon too, but let’s just say it’s going ot be for your Kindle and boy are you going to get excited when I tell you about it! Still working on this stuff! 🙂 Coming out soon.
    • Northanger – still pumping away.
    • Phantom – I wasn’t going to start this until WAY in the future, but I watched Love Never Dies and was immensely inspired to carry forward on this. Can’t get it out of my mind. I haven’t written any of the text yet, but the entire plot and character slam book few out of my pen onto the page at about 5000 words and counting. Seems like it will be a quick write, but only if I’m not distracted, which seems to happen so easily!

For all of you into the word count thing, I’ve updated my list to the left!
Happy reading!



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