Do You Suffer From Sparkle Separation Syndrome?

Posts are coming about Baycon 2012, but I have to share my thoughts on this first.

I was sad to see the number of vampire sightings at Baycon go WAY down this year.

I think it might be Sparkle Separation Syndrome® or… SSS
This is what I’m calling the tendency for hard-core, old-time (traditional) vampire fans  distancing themselves from Twilight fans. Have you noticed this in your part of the world?

How I long for a good-ole powdered and fanged vampire Lestat sighting. Even a corny, caped Bela would be a refreshing change. There was only one fanged being at Baycon that I saw (without the wiskers and tails I mean) and he was steampunked. A good substitute, but still… I ache for my old buddies in ruffles and breeches.

I know some of you enjoy both the new sparkly vampires and the old, but for you who are doubting your place in vampire fandom because the glitter palefaces have taken over, please don’t despair.

There are still those of us who remember the good old days when buying a pair of fangs at a con was a cool thing. When vampires lurked in the dark and rose from motherland soil or red velvet coffins.

Please embrace your love of vampires, don’t turn away from it. We shall not allow one book/movie series to define us! We shall not back away from our most beloved undead and let the zombie infection take over. We shall grasp tightly to the blood dolls of the past and suck… suck like we’ve never sucked before.


  1. Yes, we were influenced by the sparklies. Almost to the point where we considered walking away from our current WIP. But I’m glad we did not. We thought about finding a substitute, but there simply isn’t one. Vampires are romantic, evil, seductive, and frightening.

    Thank you for a great post on your observations at Baycon. Does it help knowing there are still some of us who have cool epoxy tooth molds for real fangs? 😉

    • Emerian Rich Said:

      Yes, it helps that you aren’t afraid to admit it. And I suck for not buying them when I could. The fang guy hasn’t been @ Baycon for going on 3 years! Maybe more… can’t remember. 😦

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