April Updates

WTF happened? One moment it was the New Year and now suddenly it’s April!

For those of you who don’t know, I moved houses and now am in somewhat of a “dream” house. Of course, for my sky-is-the-limit dream house, we would now be living in a 10+ story high rise that we owned outright complete with a journal museum, writer’s store, and cafe’ down near Kearny and California Streets (remind me to tell you about that dream one day). However, this new house that we are living in is pretty damned cool for a single family. It’s also a house that me and my hubby used to walk by as penniless twenty-somethings and dream about living in. It’s not that we’re so much more refined or wealthy now, but we have amassed the socially acceptable amount of debt to make us a good credit risk. Try to wrap your head around THAT one!

Anyway, since I’ve been moving, I have had hardly any time to write… which, frankly, pisses me the hell off! If I can’t write a few pages… or even a chapter or two a night, I get rather grumpy. And I know you all are waiting on the next installment of…. whatever series you follow, so in effect, it pisses you the hell off too!

Well, I’m here to tell you that your grumpiness (and mine) should be short lived. My office is back in some-what working order and I have uncovered the magical box that contains all my current projects. So, soon, everything you love about me and my characters will be back.

Let me give you some status updates and then I can get on with writing! 🙂

  • Undecided, the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series is completed!  I have a few first readers working on it and I hope to start recording the podcast by the end of the summer.
  • Finally finished and submitted the vampire short story √ (no word on this yet)
  • In the middle of a “Haunted Item” short story. The book submission period is over, but I love the idea so much… I’m just hoping here. It’s set in flapper days.
  • Dusk Warriors, the vampire sequel to Night’s Knights is still going on podcast. I have no idea where I am with this… but I think I have about 3 chapters left to podcast.
  • We launched GothHaus 3, The Gothmazing Race on HorrorAddicts.net #72 (yes, we’re back!)
  • Artistic License, I am happy to say I have received the first edit from the editor and am excited to dig into it. It will be the next thing I accomplish, after The Wickeds anthology.
  • Almost done with The Wickeds anthology. I have edits to put in, the cover to fix and we’ll be in business. Supposed to release this month!
  • Horror Disaster Anthology, this puppy has been quite a trek. We’ve gone through 2 artists, 2 charities, and 2 editors… now, we should see something moving ahead. I am thinking Fall or Winter 2012. These authors have been waiting a long time and they deserve the book in print.

This is all. This is allllllll I have to do. So, I’m gonna get to it! 🙂
Love you all and thank you for the emails about new books and where my projects are. It really helps me get on task and reminds me that someone out there cares if I actually finish these things!

Happy reading!

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