Updates 11/25/11

Finished projects to buy / read / listen to:

Now for what I’m working on:

  •  Sweet Dreams #4 (Undecided) is coming a long nicely…
  • Still working on something really exciting for the Sweet Dreams fans this winter. It’s sort of an interactive, play along at home kinda thing and I’m super thrilled to roll it out to you all. Keep your eyes open for it in December.
  • Finished the fear of monkeys essay and so glad of that!  I was having nightmares! 🙂 – Submitted.
  • Working on a short vampire story about someone in history.
  • Have a collaboration going on with a friend of mine – short story – I’m excited to see where it goes.
  • Working on the scripts for GothHaus 3, The Gothmazing Race. We have new charries and old. I’m on about the 3rd ep of 13, so long way to go.
  • Dusk Warriors Chapter 16 podcast will hopefully be done soon, and this is only one of a few more that will finish this book up.
  • The two Horror Addicts Anthologies are trucking along at their own pace. They will both be pub in 2012. One is being a breeze… the other is having issues at every turn, but… I am sure they will both be fab when complete. We have a whole bunch of talented authors involved.

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!  And… now I am back to work. 🙂

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