A is for Ack!

 It’s really sad. I can’t believe that I haven’t updated you guys in so long. LOSCON was an adventure, that’s all I’ll say.

Next up is Baycon at the end of May and who knows if I will post on this unplugged version of myself before then. My intention is always there, but other things get in the way. Let me recap what I’ve done since Novemeber!

1 HolidaySeason officially wrapped, unwrapped, and wrapped again. Thank God THAT’s over!
1 Podcast (HorrorAddicts.net) officially hiatused but yet will be returning at the beginning of May.
1 Polidori Award won! YES!
4 Short stories written — YES!  Four!  And also that means 4 shorts will be appearing in books soon– TBA.
1 Vampire sequel is in full swing. Yes, Dusk’s Warriors, the sequel to Night’s Knights is officially on it’s 7th Chapter. 8th Chapter coming!
1 Sweet Dreams sequel (Undecided) officially worked on (I’m only about half way done — omg, you Sweet Dreamers are going to love Ian!).
5 Books read — I know this is a short list for me!
4 Mangas read — again, a short list.
2 Black Butler anime series watched! Because he’s simply one Hell of a butler!

Geez… if I didn’t anything else, I don’t remember it. And when I see it all in a list, it actually makes me feel a little productive!
Anyway, I have solved a few issues with my vampire back stories. I never thought that these certain charries would get much play, but now they are in the fore front. A short story about Sandro and Rafael is coming soon!
And for now… that is it! 🙂
Happy reading all! ~Emz

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