P is for Podcast Launch Week!

This week is Podcast Launch Week!
My friends over at Podioracket have their first show on Thursday, I will be a guest.
Fandom Today started their season recently and I am preparing to record my first show in a few months on Friday night.

What goes into a new season of Horror Addicts? A whole hell of alot. I couldn’t do any of it without my staff. Well, I could, but it would suck.
First, it’s about authors, bands, and movies. We need all the right people at all the right times and mix them together, and hopefully it all clicks.
Then I need to collect all the data for what I will talk about, which is somewhat easy when you have as great listeners as we do who email me stuff.
Now… I have to make the theme music- that’s a big one. And there is a surprise this season, so it will take me a bit longer.
And I need to redecorate our studio since I tore it up recently to take some pics for the Book Island picture tour.
Geez… I have a lot to do.
Can’t wait to bring another awesome season to the Horror Addicts out there!

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