Y is for Yikes 2.0

So like… where did my time off go?
No one knows, but it’s definitely gone. Horror Addicts is gearing up for our 5th Season. 5TH! I can’t believe it. And the shows aren’t even locked in. Last season it was sewn up tight by this time. Not this time. This time I have dropping out authors, missing bands, no one is prepared!  ACK!!! Probably not the best to take off when everyone else is taking off. Note to self: Never hiatus at this time again.

I’ll never listen to my note. I’ll do it again– just watch!

Besides Horror Addicts, I’m trying to wrap up my Sweet Dreams print novel project. The cover model has been paid. The editor has been sent the final draft (well.. the final before she sends it back to me and I redo it all. Hhehee.), and the 3rd book in the series, True Love, is almost complete at Podiobooks.com.

Next week I’ll be on Podioracket.com live, so if anyone wants to hear me, keep posted to my main blog at http://emzbox.wordpress.com. For now, I must go send out deadline notices because you know… I’m so good at that.  Too bad I wasn’t better at the deadlines themselves. Hehhee.

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