B is for Busy

I have no idea why a started these posts to be some kind of spelling lesson, but it just turned out that way. Obviously I don’t know by ABC’s cause B is definitely Before D.

Busy. Can the word even describe what most of us feel everyday? No. It needs to be longer, tougher, more macho. Cause unfortunately, us Busy people are so 24-7, we can’t even remember when we weren’t 24-7. Oh yeah, maybe before the internet.

So what am I Busy with? Yes, Horror Addicts is on hiatus, so I should have tons for free time, right? No. I am currently trying to catch up on everything I didn’t do while HA was on. Plus do everything that I will need done while HA is on and I won’t have time to do it. Alright… I’m going to shut up and give the list.

  • Sweet Dreams, the print version is coming along well. Almost done with my edit input and then I will do a quick reread before sending it to the editor. Still on track for November release (I hope). Check.
  • Horror Addicts author submissions are well underway and we are slowly building Season 5. Check.
  • Been trying to be good about writing some back log of dashPunk articles so I can have them ready in advance. Check – sorta. I’m pretty bad at this as I want to keep reading manga and not set it down for a minute to write what I’m reading!
  • Doing some upcoming events on SL. For more info go to: http://www.emzbox.wordpress.com Check.
  • Horror Addicts blog is really coming along. I have a few new writers and some that are getting their gumption up to write. Hum… who does that sound like? Check.
  • Night’s Knights 2, Dusk’s Warriors is really getting to the nitty gritty. I am almost done with the first draft. Unfortunately, I’m old school and most of it is handwritten, so the type in and re-edit might take some time. Still planning on getting that out in podcast form by the end of 2010. Check.

For the five of you that read this, you have been updated! Now I must sleep.


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