Baycon 2010- Saturday

Saturday was all about the weapons! Somehow I didn’t have any panels on Saturday so it was a big day of me being me and running around like crazy to meet, see, be!  What has become our favorite panel of the con was first on our list. Weapons and Armor for Writers hosted by Eytan Kollin. I had met Dani Kollin two years ago at Baycon, outside of a room waiting for a panel to begin. At that time, I was heavy into podcasting, but had no books out. Dani was talking about a book he co-wrote with his brother, but is wasn’t out yet. Last year, I had the privilege of interviewing the Kollin brothers for Horror Addicts. Unfortunately, the sound quality wasn’t good as I wasn’t used to podcasting on the go and the room dynamics combined with my laptop did not work very well. The guys were great though and we had fun listening to them argue for awhile. Their book, The Unincorporated Man, had just come out. This year, they were there to promote their second book The Unincorporated War.

Eytan also puts on an unparalleled weapons demonstration. He tells you about what they show in movies or books that can’t possibly or wouldn’t possibly happen in real combat. He’s funny and entertaining and lets you touch his equipment. That didn’t sound right… but what I mean is, it’s very hands on.

After Eytan, we got to watch Renaissance Sword Fighting from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. This was a pretty awesome show too, as they fought each other in what would be real combat stance and garb. The battles were so fierce, one guy even broke his gantlet and his finger! Most of us never get to see all these real weapons up close, so the experience was freakin’ awesome. Even though I don’t usually use melee weapons in my writing, it was great to watch. Since there are some weapons in my next book, Dusk’s Warriors, it found it invaluable.

Later that day we got to hear readings and author discussions from Dani & Eytan Kollin and Laurel Ann Hill. By 6ish we were ready to get into our zombie gear and head for the Masquerade. You can see all the excellent costumes at my Facebook gallery here:!/album.php?aid=182261&id=506452600

We went to the Klingon Slave Auction, which is always fun to watch, but then a couple of fire drills broke that party up. Ari headed for the Anime lounge (her favorite all-night hangout at Baycon) and we went upstairs to sleep!



Now, I’ll have to tell you about Sunday and Monday later… I’m exhausted!


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