Baycon 2010 – Friday

Friday at Baycon kicked off with a panel on Manga vs. Comics. This was my first panel at a Baycon ever. I was unsure what to expect. That morning I had woken from my nice clean hotel bed, got dressed, and posted a blog here. Then I called in to Fandom Today and was interviewed by Free Audio Bookshelf. After all that, I trudged with my husband Kirk to set up the Horror Addicts table. The panel was at 2:00p.  Being early friday, I didn’t expect much of a crowd, but we attracted many very passionate manga/comic fans and had a good talk. It was great to see manga fans as into the books as I am.

Later, we met up with writer H. E. Roulo and my best friend, Ari. We enjoyed some Regency dancing, checked out all the fan tables, and later had a midnight tea. By the end of the day, we were exhausted and ready to hit the sack.


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