And then you never heard from her again!

It’s been awhile, I know… I’m just so busy with everything, no time to take a breath and record it.
Since last we spoke, I’ve done several interviews, went out to sell my book Night’s Knights at some local (Bay Area) fairs, got the new cover for NK2 (Dusk’s Warriors), started hosting a new SL event for Bookstacks called Little Pub of Horrors, had an erotica story featured on the Different Worlds podcast, worked tons on the 3rd book in the Sweet Dreams Series, and the new anthology I’m in, Podthology: The Pod Complex has been released. Whew!
So let’s recap:

Podioracket Interview:

Pagereaders Interview:

Out of the Coffin Interview with Dan Shaurette

Dusk’s Warriors Cover

Little Pub of Horrors
(as of yet, still unposted – sorry!)

Desire by Emerian Rich on the Different Worlds podcast

Sweet Dreams Series new blog!

Podthology: The Pod Complex

So, is that enough for you!? Geez! I’m tired. I need a va-ca!

Saturday I will be at the Emerald Fest, details can be found on my main blog here:

And I could stay and talk, but those Sweet Dreamers want their sequel! I’m off to audio edit.

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