Wednesday Night In Ireland

Wednesday night I spent at West Of Ireland library in Second Life. I had an awesome time. I read parts of Night’s Knights and answered questions. I did record it, so the recording will probably be up on the NK Mevio feed soon.

Derry and Caledonia are so nice. They made me feel very welcomed and appreciated. Had quite a crowd and not even one heckler… well… there was one, (Crap Mariner) but he came in late and didn’t have a chance. Hehehe. Also, I read in an Irish accent to some Irish people and they didn’t burn me at the stake. WHOOSH! Course, maybe there weren’t any Irish people in the audience, I don’t know. I’m still waiting for the men with pitchforks and torches!

Got to see one of the Horror Addicts, Av. He used to be at the show a lot, but since I changed it to AM, I think it’s hard for him to be there. He may be in luck because I might have to change back to PM’s in July.

Tonight I did some audio editing of a chapter of Northanger Abbey that my friend Helen is letting me do for her awesome show. Won’t be on for a long time I bet. She’s no where near my chapter, but excited nonetheless!

This Sunday is Horror Addicts #40 with M J Hahn. I’m excited to have him on the show!  Not that I’m not excited about the other peeps, just… he’s a new one I haven’t had on yet before.
Time to write now!

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