Weekend Buzz

The weekend went so fast and busy, when I woke up, I realized the next week had started! I accomplished tons all with the help from my trusty sidekick, Ari.

Me and Ari always have a good time when we go out on the town, but this weekend’s mission was library donation book drop!

I donated books to many different libraries here in the Bay Area. This was an important thing for me to do because I remember being a poor kid who had to go to the library for everything. If it wasn’t research, it was to use the computer. I used to make copies there (and still sometimes do) when I was doing research for my books and needed a certain chair or house in my mind. My novel Artistic License was almost entirely plotted out in a library with Ari by my side. It’s also sad to me that a lot of them are closing or cutting hours or employees. So it’s important to me to give back to them, even if it’s just a measly little $13 book that may get sold in the friends of library store for half price.

It’s really strange how every single library is different. When donating my book, I got everything from, “WOW! You are the author? Let me have your number so we can work out some readings or events.” To “We don’t shelve author brought-in donations in our catalogue. You can take it over to the friends of the library and maybe they will sell it.” When met with an adverse reaction, I just reminded myself that those employees probably see authors like me everyday and they are sick of us. But I just remember I’m not doing it for them. I’m doing it for the little poor kid who doesn’t even own a computer.

I hadn’t been over to the Main library here in San Francisco since they moved into the new building. I know it was years ago, but I just don’t find myself in that part of town very often. That place is AWESOME! Musta been four stories tall and all filled with books! Well, yes all libraries are filled with books… but, this one was huge and awesome and modern. I will be going back to spend a study day. Also, I spent a good stash of cash on books from there. They had $2 proof of authors I love and even new books at half-price. I bought a Jane Eyre/Vampire novel and several city books I can’t wait to dive into. After writing that awesome 1906 SF earthquake piece, I just can’t get enough of city history and what things looked like before, after, and during the quake. I bought one book that has a pic of the Mark Hopkins Mansion. I have never seen that. I’d only seen the after the earthquake and fire flattening and the hotel afterwards. They also have a picture in this book of the line of mansions on Van Ness that were purposely blown up to stop the fires. Awesome stuff.

They were having a big Lao Festival in the town center and boy was it packed! We skipped over to a little British pub we like near Embarcadero and had lunch. I met a horror make-up addict at the Godvia store! I’ll be talking about her on the next HA.

Then we went to Japantown but the place was exploding from the Cherry Blossom Festival. Spoke to a bookstore owner there who might start carrying my book (maybe) fingers crossed! I love that bookstore and adore their stock, so I hope they do.

Ari and I finished the day by buying up all the little Japanese miniature toys, some new manga and had dinner at out favorite sushi place.

All in all an awesome time. The best part was… I did book work and still had fun!  Very important to work the down time into your schedule you budding writers! You know what Stephen King wrote. I like the Simpson’s version better… “All work and not play makes Emz something, something!”

If you’re a librarian and would like my donated book for your catalogue, please feel free to email me, I’ll do my best to accommodate you. emzbox@sbcglobal.net


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