Just another show…

Today was the taping of Horror Addicts #39 on Second Life. Went well.
Couple of SL voice issues… where the audio was clippy, but you won’t hear it on the aduio file. I have to say, though we have a bit of that, SL Voice has really improved over the last year or so. Mark’s story was 49 mins (way over– Yes, I’m chastising you MARK!) So for SL Voice to last that long at all is amazing.
Show featured Mark Eller, Malfaktor, and the movie Slither.
Still trying to find a replacement for Snapvine so my staff and new authors can leave messages for the fans. Haven’t found it yet. Possibly Google Voice. Not sure yet.

Show will take approx. five hours of editing, levelating, re-editing, posting, and pimping. That will happen this week sometime.

Got to meet some new and old friends at the taping and after. Hi! To MJ Hahn, who was in the studio and a new guy Perry. Also met Melk from Turkey and Bonk (not sure where he was from, but nice accent nonetheless!). K and Matty were there in all their bunnydom glory and Crap won the costume contest with the best Blob outfit.

After, spoke to Rhonda and Wolf about the London School of Journalism Con happening on SL at the end of April. Geez!  I have no time for anything!  My calendar is so booked up this month, it’s insane. Also plan to be at a Podioracket show this month as they will be talking about Podthology. No, still no release date yet.

Book Island is a pretty happenin’ place for Easter Sunday. Thought I would have no crowd, but as it approached 9:25a, they all started flocking in. If you missed it, sorry… show will go live April 8th. Also planning on uploading the Bonus tracks from Horror Fest this week. Pics will be posted on http://www.emzbox.ning.com and — blogged about my awesome NK party on SL that happened awhile ago. To read all about it… go here: http://emzbox.wordpress.com/

WOOSH!  Exhausted! Time for Emz to REALLY get Unplugged…


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