Dusk’s Warriors– An Update

So you know how I was sure I’d finish Night’s Knights II the beginning of 2010 and have it podcast by summer? Not happening. I was all done… had it sewn all up and then I realized… It was too clean. Too pretty. Too nice and tidy. Forget that! There needs to be a mess and by mess I mean… knock out, drag out, mess everyone up, kick everyone’s butt… scar charries for life kinda fight. Jespa started it. Did you expect anything less?

Tonight’s all about DW. Editing, rewriting, and getting some of these messy chapters sewn up just a little. Not all the way… but so you can see a little stitching and a lot of puss-filled goodness. 🙂

News – Coming in April!

  • April 4th 9:30am PST- I’ll be taping Horror Addicts #39 @ Quills on Second Life.
  • April 11th – I’m going to be at Bookstacks on Second Life – talking about horror something.
  • April 14th 7pm PST – I’ll be at West Of Ireland on Second Life talking about Night’s Knights.
  • April 18th 9:30am PST- I’ll be taping Horror Addicts #40 @ Quills on Second Life.
  • April 25th – I’ll be at the Milkwood stone circle playing the first episode of Sweet Dreams and answering questions about romance, music, jazz, and anything else people want to ask. (If anyone reading this has questions… please post them or send me an email.)
  • Date Unknown – Podthology will be released – I’m in it!! 🙂 This is a new book by Dragon Moon Press.
  • Date Unknown – I know that there will be several Blog Talk Radio shows coming up and podcast interviews about the Podthology release. I hope to get you dates soon. As well as the date for the actual book!
  • Air Date Unknown – Soon to be interviewed by Dan Shaurette from Out of the Coffin podcast. I know a lot of you are fans of his, so whooo hooo!  Hope you enjoy the collaboration. Air date TBA.

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