Real Life Kicks Me In The…

So you guys want to know what it’s REALLY like to be in my glamorous, writerly, podcastery life? It’s the same as yours, only busier? Maybe?
I don’t know… some of you are busting your butt doing the same thing I am, so I will not go there.

*Audio edit Episode #38 of my podcast
*Wav it, Levelate it, Relisten it..
*Write the show notes.
*Upload into stream.
*Promote, update site, do flyer & changes to site for next show…
*Upload SL pics from live taping.
*Work on Horror Fest Audio if I have time. (I won’t… I still have book reads from 3 months ago back-logged)

3 hrs sleep / still oral surgery pain from Fri. / day job wore me out /
No sitter / Son screaming and laughing right next to me / Wall-e full blast downstairs
Solicitors ring bell even though “NO SOLICTING” sign on door
Spam texts on cell phone / I really want to play with my new Kindle

*3 hours of audio edit Episode #38 of my podcast
*Wav it, Levelate it, Relisten and rest of tasks tomorrow…
*Fall asleep before 8pm? exhausted and in pain on the couch while son plays Beautiful Katamari on the Xbox.

Now who do you think won?
Me? Hell no.
The work? No- not even 50% got done.
Life? Well of course… life always wins out over your to do lists.

Now… If I can just get the tasks to list themselves. THEN we’d have something.

The funniest thing about my list today?
It fell behind the computer desk and I can’t get it out with the ruler.
Will have to completely rearrange office furniture to retrieve said list. There better be something good on that thing!

LMAO!  And then… as I’m falling to sleep, son starts throwing up!  No sleep for the weary. How do kids puke that much?  It’s like Mary Poppin’s handbag… it just keeps coming!


  1. Jen R Said:

    Hang in there, Emz! Hope you get back on track soon.

  2. Emerian Rich Said:

    Thanks Jen! I was just bitching away last night eh?
    Hhehe… well, what can I say.

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