Kindle – First Thoughts

The OH NO! And the WHOOO HOOO!
It is beautiful. It is all techy and smells like electricity.
It’s everything I thought it was when Cali Lewis opened hers for the first time on GeekBriefTv!

So my first OH NO! Moment was when I read that Amazon would be perfectly happy to send pdfs wirelessly to your Kindle for a minimal fee (which right now stands at $.15). There goes my plan for reading writers work on the fly… right? No.

My WHOO HOO moment… reading a little further, there is an email address you can send your own docs to and Kindle will transfer it to Kindle format for free and send it to you in email to be put on your Kindle by you via USB connections.

I’m quite pleased. I hope it all works out well. Pictures soon!  One thing bad about all these devices!  You have to make sure your digital camera is charged so you can take pics of your Kindle when it comes in the mail. ACK! Technology!



  1. Mike Bennett Said:

    We can’t get Kindle on this side of the pond yet. Though a friend of mine has one which he bought in the States. You’re right, it is lovely. Though I read that the iPad is predicted to do yet greater things in this area (

    I’ve seen loads of great public domain and new, free books for Kindle etc at Corey Doctorow leads the charge with the free titles. Hey, that’s a thought, would you consider releasing Sweet Dreams 1 for free on Kindle, and then charging a fee for the other titles in the series? Free titles in the Kindle charts do very well, as I’m sure you know

    And it all helps to push you higher in the limelight 🙂

    Either way, enjoy your new thang, Emz
    Chin chin

    • Emerian Rich Said:

      Awez… so sorry about that.
      Yes, I have heard the Ipad is to do better things… but considering the SIZE of the thing, I might as well be carting along my laptop. I’m sure they’ll come out with minis soon.

      I am so excited about checking out the free books. There’s a gentleman un the UK I just met named Steven Merrifield. Very nice ‘bloke’ who’s giving away his novel Ivory. I was about 4 chapters in when I lost track of my unnumbered pages I printed out and got confused. SOOOO Now that I have the K. I will be returning to his spooky world. Very excited to see what happens. I will also check out the links, THANKS!
      Hum… Sweet Dreams is a hard one. The reason I haven’t published or ebook’d it out yet is because of the song lyrics. They are such a big part of the book, to pull them… I don’t know how it will go over. However, I am thinking on it.
      If I do, do the book thing with them, I was thinking perhaps a 2-3 volume omnibus. I was also thinking maybe just 2 books, one forward and when you get to the end, you flip the book over and read the other– you know where the cover is flipped? Wonder how that would go over?

      Thanks Mike!
      You know of course what I am most excited about is that when Underwood and Flinch is in ebook form, I can download it here on my K. (I can load other non-Kindle books on my K.) Soon as you get on Mobipocket or Smashwords or something… I’m on it. Do you have Hall of Mirrors in ebook yet?

  2. Mike Bennett Said:

    Oh, on further searching, I found this in relation to the NYTimes piece I link to above. Changes the picture slightly.

    • Emerian Rich Said:

      Hum… Something fishy does indeed seem to be going on with that! o.O
      Well… even @ $.99 it would sell well. Or, I could go with one of the other many sites that allow free ebooks.

  3. veronica mccollum Said:

    I love mine too…so much whoo hoo..put on my new skin so cool

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