The Hammersmith Project

A story that infected me so badly that I could not write or think about anything else for the last 3 weeks, the Hammersmith project, is finally complete!

This is a short story, round about 6,000 words and I am in love with it. I think this is actually the first short story of mine I’ve liked. It’s a little historical, a little horror, a little romance. I think you guys are gonna love it. I’ll let you know when someone picks it up.

You guys always want to know what music I listened to while writing certain works. Well, since this is a piece set during the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, I really wanted to get in the mood. I searched for 1906 music charts and found a couple.
So Long Mary (1906) – George M. Cohan
Wait Til The Sun Shines Nellie (1906) – Byron G. Harlon

And though these are not from that time, for some reason they helped! Eartha helped me too.  I had never heard this first one and now it’s in my favorites!
I Want To Be Evil (1962) – Eartha Kitt
Mink, Schmink (1954) – Eartha Kitt
Somebody Bad Stole De Weddingbell (1954) – Eartha Kitt
I’m Just An Old Fashioned Girl (1962) – Eartha Kitt

But you can’t study and enjoy 1906 without seeing the pre-destruction trek down San Francisco’s main street just a year before the earthquake in this awesome film clip.
1905 – San Francisco

You should also check out, though not as happy as the 1905 trek, a 1906 trek through the earthquake and fire infested town. In this clip, it’s interesting to see one of only two of the Nob Hill building still standing today, the Flood Mansion. It seems though it was one of the survivors, the damage to it was great as you can see all the way through it. Only the basic shape, the copper and stone fencing, and the outside light fixtures still stood. Amazing stuff.
1906 – San Francisco

The book that inspired me to write this piece is awesome!  A lot of history in this little baby. I suggest if you are just in it for entertainment value and not study purposes, to just read the letters, not the info around them. You can buy it at Amazon if you wish here: A Most Dreadful Earthquake — A First-Hand Account of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire — with Glimpses into the Lives of the Phillips-Jones Letter Writers

For more info and to read Jack London’s chilling tale, don’t miss checking out the San Francisco Virtual Museum’s collection of letters, pictures, and eyewitness accounts. 
 San Francisco Virtual Museum

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