I’ve Gone To The Dark Side

Alright… I can’t hide it any longer. I will soon be the proud owner of a Kindle. After weighing all the factors, I’ve decided the Kindle will best fit my needs. I know… I am a trader! I’ve forsaken books! All my fellow writers will soon be at my doorstep, ready to string me up.
Sorry guys, I had to do it.
But my reasons are a bit different from those who want to “DO AWAY WITH THE DREADED PAPER BOOKS!”
1st, I really need a cost-effective way to read all the short stories I get sent to me in email. As you must know, I am the hostess of the podcast http://www.horroraddicts.net
Authors send me submissions all the time. I’m also part of several writer’s workshops and groups. To print them out (because I am not near a computer when I have time to read), and to lug five stories around with me at a time is a major hassle. Then, if I am walking somewhere and want to bring something to read and I’m half way through with one and am sure I will need more to read during the given time, I will have to lug 2 stories around with me. Annoying! And talk about annoying when you are in a doctor’s office, have been waiting for twenty minutes, with perhaps twenty more to go and you finish the story you brought!? ANNOYING!
The Kindle promises to solve this issue by stating you can load your own docs on. That way I can have 5 story submissions, 7 writer’s group selections, and my newest favorite free novel pdf (Ivory by Steven Merrifield) all in one cozy little machine to take with me.
2nd, Do you know how annoying it is to have your first novel up on Kindle and such places and not be able to see it with your own eyes? Fans and friends have been nice enough to show me these things over their shoulder, or send me pics in email, but… REALLY! I can’t even see my own book without attacking some chick in the supermarket who I see happens to have an Iphone app. I mean, come on! It’s embarrassing! (Sorry supermarket chick)
3rd, I must mention… although this is the reason I will be hung. I might buy books on this. Why? Well… some authors that choose to go the expensive hard-back route, I just can’t finance. I’m an author who loves to network. I usually meet 3-5 new authors a week. Can you imagine not only the size of my library, but the size of my credit card bill were I to buy $30 books from each and every author I meet? It’s insane! This way I can support more authors with minimal damage to my bank account.
One question people are asking me…
Will I still buy paper books?
Hell yeah! If I can find them.
A sad truth is that those little mom and pop bookstores me and my husband used to peruse aren’t there anymore. There are more closing day by day and the BIG GUYS don’t serve up anything original. It’s always Stephen King’s 783rd book in a series, which is good… but where is the fresh talent? I suspect that authors signing books will be rare in the future… but what can take the place of that? I saw Dani & Eytan Kollin sign a Kindle last year at a con. Is that what we are moving towards? Or will autograph books be coming back in style?


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