The Kindle Question

As a writer, I have certain obligations to my race. Had we a pledge, I would imagine it would go something like this:

I, Emerian Rich, promise to write as much as possible, get published, promote my work and the work of others, and stay true to the book-loving community by never EVER giving into to the digital age.

However, as more and more of my readers transfer to the digital ebook format, I am wondering how cool it is. The five second glances over shoulders of Iphone, Kindle, and Sony eReader users is about to drive me completely insane! Not to mention that I am a techy at heart and cannot deny my fingers the use of some new electrical, computerized toy for very long.
So I’ve been looking at them. And looking at them.
Sony eReader VS. Kindle.
Everyone has their thoughts.
I will let you know if I plan to go over to the “Dark Side”.

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